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This powerful entity allows you to put scripts made with AngelScript language on your map. Before Sven Co-op 5.0 you already were able to create almost anything with existed entities- this entity pushes imagination barrier even further allowing you to open an existing script and use functions. For more information on how to build trigger_script functions, visit the SC AngelScript documentation.

1 Keyvalues

Script to load : m_iszScriptFile

The name of the script to load in "scripts\maps" directory, e.g. mymap/my_script1. This can be left empty if the function already exists from scripts specified via map_script in cfg.

Function to execute when triggered : m_iszScriptFunctionName

Function (declared in the opened script file) to call when trigger_script is triggered. If the function belongs to a namespace, you must use prefix the function name with the namespace name followed by:: e.g. mynamespace::MyFunction for the keyvalue.

Time between thinks : m_flThinkDelta

If "Mode" is set to 'Think', this is a time delay between script calls.

Mode : m_iMode

Script call mode. 'Trigger' allows to execute script once, 'Think' executes script every (specified in "Time between thinks") time interval.

2 Flags

1 : Start on

Script is activated on start.