Running a server/Installation

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1 Steam tool

Our dedicated server package in Steam will allow you to effortlessly install a server attached to your Steam account. It's quick, easy, and should be up and running as fast as you can download it. This is an ideal approach for temporary / part-time servers. You will require Sven Co-op to exist within your account first. (Doesn't have to be installed, but must be "purchased" so to speak.)

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Launch Steam and log in.
  2. In the main Steam screen hover over Library and click Tools.
  3. Scroll down the list of available tools until you see Sven Co-op Dedicated Server.
  4. Double-click the package to install it.
  5. Follow the on-screen installation.

That is it. You should now have the dedicated server tool ready to launch. Double-click the tool in the library and select Play Sven Co-op Dedicated Server to launch a server with a graphical interface.

2 Standalone application

Our dedicated server package is also available as a standalone package available via the SteamCMD tool. Though it requires further knowledge to install and use you will benefit from a server that doesn't depend on your Steam client, can be run as a console application, and even be run as an unattended system service. Permanent / full-time servers should opt for this approach. You will also NOT require an existing Sven Co-op installation to continue.

Warning: Do not use this method of installation if you are unfamiliar with some basic server administration concepts such as using a command prompt or terminal environment, and reading/writing configuration files.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Open a command prompt or terminal environment on your system.
  2. Download and install SteamCMD.
  3. Download our dedicated server package with the following command:
    • On Windows:
      steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir "C:\SvenDS" +app_update 276060 validate +exit
    • On Linux:
      steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir "~/SvenDS" +app_update 276060 validate +exit`
    • Replace the path "C:\SvenDS" or "~/SvenDS" with a location to your preference.
  4. Wait for the package to download and validate.

Once it has finished you can use the SvenDS.exe or svends_run executable to launch a server. Launching without any arguments will start it with a graphical interface (Windows only), or if you specify the `-console` argument it will start with a console interface.

The same command is used to update the server application too, however be sure you have no server instances running or the update will fail.