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Allows you to set up a fake clipping object. It's fake in that sense, that it only operates server-side, thus might be laggy, and allows more object filtering than the default collision hulls. For clip brushes that block players, but not monsters, try making a func_wall with clip brushes and add a null-textured brush to it so the compile tools allow it.

1 Keyvalues

Direction tolerance : frags

If the 'Directional'-flag is set, this value specifies the minimum required (smaller) angle between an entity's movement vector and the func_clip's negated blocking vector to still be allowed to pass. E.g., when the func_clip's yaw was 90 degrees (pointing north/up) and direction tolerance was set to 179, you'd only be able to pass the func_clip when walking towards it from south in a straight line pointing quite exactly towards north.

2 Flags

1 : Start off

If set, the func_clip starts disabled and won't block anything. Turning it on while something is inside might stuck it, depending on whether it is affected by this func_clip and how the directional settings of the func_clip are setup.

2 : Directional (angles)

If ticked, the func_clip will block only in the direction specified by the angles-keyvalue, using a tolerance of 'Direction tolerance'. (see below)

4 : No clients

If set, players can pass the func_clip seemlessly.

8 : Monsters

If set, monsters cannot pass.

16 : Pushables

If set, pushables cannot pass.

32 : Everything else

If set, all other entities not governed by the above three flags cannot pass.

64 : item_inv (throw)

If selected, blocks players from throwing inventory items (item_inventory) through this entity.

3 Changes

  • 5.0 Steam Release: Added 'item_inv (throw)' flag.