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1 Notable features

  • Added Half-Life: Blue Shift co-op campaign.
  • Added breakable functionality to all door types.
  • Added RIPENT for Linux with campaign installation scripts, along with uninstallation scripts.
  • Improved compatibility with the SteamPipe update for Half-Life:
    • Added missing VGUI language lines.
    • Campaign installation scripts will now search the common account folder for official BSP's.
    • File system updates include reading files from various mod extension folders (like addon, downloads, and hd).
    • Fixed borderless window mode vastly shrinking the game window.
    • Linux server binary renamed to

2 Code changes

2.1 Core

  • Added cheat command teleport expecting X, Y, and Z target co-ordinates to move the player to.
  • Added client and server build numbers (with a compile time stamp) to help notice out of date clients/servers in future.
  • Added CVAR weaponmode_eagle to the map configuration, which will disable the desert eagle's laser sight.
  • Added CVAR weaponmode_rpg to the map configuration, which will disable the RPG's laser guide.
  • Added CVAR's sv_wateramp and sv_zmax to the map configuration commands.
  • Added key attackrange to both turrets and sentry types to determine their maximum firing range.
  • Added keys health and healthcap to item_battery, which work in the same way as item_healthkit (using the same key names for consistency).
  • All read-only file operations will now scan for alternative mod folders (addons, downloads, and hd) to be compatible with the SteamPipe update for Half-Life.
  • Changed NPC flag "Fade corpse" to "Don't fade corpse".
  • Default heap size is now 128MB from the default 40MB. Servers will need to apply this manually in their command parameters.
  • Default entity limit 3072 is now defined in liblist.gam, supported by the SteamPipe update for Half-Life.
  • Fixed baby gargantuas only being able to bleed yellow, mappers can now set this to red.
  • Fixed bad (missing) messages being displayed when muting/unmuting players via the score board.
  • Fixed camera views limiting RGB values to 210 (caused a little bit of dimming).
  • Fixed certain players/servers being unable to retrieve player extras (donor/staff) features on-line due to a binary unsafe operation.
  • Fixed console spam ChangedTurret when using controllable turrets.
  • Fixed flashlight sound cutting off medic and take cover voice calls.
  • Fixed game_zone_player and trigger_entity_iterator counting disconnected players.
  • Fixed incorrect 3rd person player animations when reloading certain weapons while already full.
  • Fixed Linux server not being able to open map resource files due to case sensitivity.
  • Fixed M16 always firing 3 rounds even if there are only 1 or 2 rounds left.
  • Fixed M16 to keep firing after reloading if reloaded during the middle of the 3-round burst.
  • Fixed many more potential crashes, memory leaks, and ancient programming techniques here and there.
  • Fixed map cycle handling:
    • Added server console printouts if a map is missing, or players are too few/many.
    • Fixed infinite loop during the intermission if the next map becomes missing after a map has started.
    • Fixed map configuration commands start, weapon, ammo, item, and weaponmode claiming to be invalid.
    • Fixed map cycle not always advancing if the next map string is shorter than the map preceding it.
    • Fixed map cycle sometimes advancing two places each time.
  • Fixed map intermission handling:
    • CVAR mp_chattime: minimum time 8 seconds, maximum time 60 seconds.
    • Fixed map not changing until the maximum intermission time had been reached unless a player presses a key.
  • Fixed Osprey initialization sometimes crashing Linux servers.
  • Fixed players being able to keep weapon zoom by changing weapons and zooming in on the same frame.
  • Fixed players being able to revive robots.
  • Fixed players being able to switch weapons while dead.
  • Fixed players being able to use controllable tanks even after being disabled by a master entity.
  • Fixed players being able to use electric crowbars in water by holding primary attack before entering water.
  • Fixed players dropping an oddly behaving shock rifle when they die while holding one.
  • Fixed players floating upwards into infinity if killed on a ladder.
  • Fixed players losing their client flag on death.
  • Fixed players not automatically switching weapon when ammo has been depleted.
  • Fixed players not being able to damage tripmines when placed by other players, they now always take damage.
  • Fixed players not being able to drop snark ammo if the player has less than 5 of them..
  • Fixed players not being able to use picked up ammo where the ammo is the weapon (i.e. grenades).
  • Fixed players not having their rendering effects copied to their 1st person view-port model (glows, ghost, etc).
  • Fixed players seeing a map MOTD even if it doesn't exist.
  • Fixed players seeing garbled ammo on their HUD when they have no weapon.
  • Fixed players seeing shock rifle in their weapon selection HUD if they had one while being revived.
  • Fixed players sometimes getting skipped on actions/functions applied to all connected players.
  • Fixed players switching weapon after/during a camera sequence.
  • Fixed players switching weapon while swing-charging a wrench.
  • Fixed players throwing a crowbar at a repairable breakable causing it to repair if the player switches to a wrench immediately.
  • Fixed potential crash caused by a child thread creating a network message when a message may already be in progress. Badly written plug-ins will still cause this crash though.
  • Fixed rare crash "MSG_PVS with no origin".
  • Fixed servers crashing when a platform trigger runs if their parent platform no longer exists.
  • Fixed servers crashing when a player connects while no spawn points can be used (all either filtered or deactivated).
  • Fixed servers crashing when a player picks up a minigun or shock rifle while holding no other weapons.
  • Fixed servers crashing when a player uses the tertiary fire function on a shock rifle.
  • Fixed servers generating excessive or no water splash particles from players.
  • Fixed servers not always loading configuration files from the correct mod folder (caused by SteamPipe).
  • Fixed servers not always writing error messages in full from the on-line player extras web server.
  • Fixed squadmaker entities with a target name using the cyclic AND start on flags to spawn children ignoring the cyclic flag (timer based).
  • Fixed tank controller A.I. firing hundreds of projectiles at once if the target took cover then re-entered the line of sight quickly.
  • Fixed trigger_changemodel removing its' target's collision hull and breaking animations.
  • Fixed trigger_changevalue and trigger_copyvalue not being able to edit squadmaker monster count.
  • Fixed trigger_setcvar not being able to edit mp_barnacle_paralyze and mp_disable_autoclimb.
  • Fixed trip mines permanently glowing after being hit by a shock rifle projectile.
  • Fixed turret controls not responding to players while holding an RPG.
  • Fixed turrets taking a long time to repair while undeployed.
  • Fixed turrets recovering only 1 hit point while broken.
  • Fixed warning "Tried to stuff bad command npc_findcover" when using the grenade commnd.
  • Fixed wrong messages when Linux servers create a default GMR/GSR folder for a map, and prevented these messages from behaving like an error.
  • Improved cl_showstats output:
    • Moved output upwards to 1 6th of the screen's height.
    • Output is now in two distinct columns.
    • Property column is tinted blue, value column is tinted red.
    • Split client version/build and server version/build.
  • Improved console output for scripted_sequence when it is unable to play its' sequence on an NPC.
  • Improved server administrators feature:
    • Authentication ID's beginning with an asterisk '*' are marked as server owners, with their icon tinted gold in the score board. Players hosting a listen server will automatically be denoted as the server owner.
    • Fixed a range of minor issues with the administrator list file parser.
    • Fixed last administrator entry sometimes being ignored.
    • Fixed players hosting a listen server not getting the administrator icon if an administrator list file doesn't exist.
    • New command loadadminlist to reload the administrator list mid game (useful for external plug-ins/scripts writing the list on map start).
    • Placeholder functionality for future built-in administration commands.
  • Improved thread stability when attempting to search and download player extras information.
  • Increased multi_manager and multisource target limit from 32 to 64. This will eventually be converted into a linked list.
  • Prevented players using a controllable turret if they are holding a heavy weapon (minigun / shock rifle).
  • Prevented entities monster_roach and monster_snark from moving a func_pushable.
  • Prevented entitiy classifications insect, alien bio weapon, and player bio weapon from moving a func_pushable.
  • Removed (the already ignored) size key for func_pushable, replaced it for the more commonly used custom hull size keys.
  • Restored suit voices for collecting a HEV suit and long jump.
  • Server will now print a warning when trigger_save attempts (and fails) to write to a read-only file.

2.2 Sound engine

  • FMOD Ex updated to v4.44.14.
  • Client: All cache files are now properly flushed from all mod folders (SteamPipe and language specific) when the game starts and closes.
  • Client: Fixed attenuation for 3D sounds causing them to be inaudible.
  • Client: Improved players hearing sounds too closely from entities that are out of their PVS.
  • Client: New CVAR cl_outline_sounds to display particles where sounds emit from.
  • Client: Sound list caches are now flushed when a player has finished loading a sound list (i.e. has joined the game).
  • Changed ambient_generic flag Play at user origin to play at all players if the activator isn't a player, or the Play everywhere flag is also used.
  • Explosions are now handled by the sound engine.
  • Fixed ambient_generic crash when the Play at user origin flag is used when the activator isn't a player.
  • Fixed cached sound lists not being loaded or flushed from the downloads mod folder (caused by SteamPipe).
  • Fixed sounds not being loaded from alternative mod folders, usually downloads for custom maps (caused by SteamPipe).
  • Increased maximum number of materials.txt entrties to 2048.
  • Player footsteps are now all handled client side -- including for other players.

2.3 Non-playable characters

  • Fixed reviver NPCs reviving gibed players/NPCs.
  • Alien Slaves: Fixed refusal to revive other alien slaves that had the "Fade Corpse" flag enabled.
  • Assassin: Reduced assassins' MP5 accuracy, now slightly better than grunts.
  • Grunts: Reduced grunts' SAW accuracy.
  • Grunts: Restored Half-Life accuracy for grunts using pistols, MP5's, and shotguns.
  • Grunts (allied): Fixed issue with use and un-use sentences being ignored for monster_human_grunt_ally, monster_human_medic_ally, and monster_human_torch_ally.
  • Heavy weapons grunt: Added support to use pistols should the minigun be dropped/lost.
  • Heavy weapons grunt: Fixed heavy weapons grunts not running away from grenades.
  • Heavy weapons grunt: Grunt will drop his minigun after 50 points of blast damage (90% chance).
  • Heavy weapons grunt: Grunt will look for his minigun and pick it up, or get out a pistol if it's gone/taken.
  • Kingpin: Increased sound attenuation, greatly for death sound.
  • Shock Roach: Fixed infinite life if jumping at a target while underwater.

3 Map changes

  • Included map _hlds_start intended for servers with plug-ins to prepare/load their external data on HLDS launch.
    • Automatically ends after 1 minute, the server map cycle will then begin.
    • Should it not end automatically a player spawning can press a button to end it.

3.1 Activist

  • Part 2: Advanced spawn point when a player opens the wide glass laboratory doors (20 second delay).
  • Part 2: Fixed players spawning inside the back wall.
  • Part 3: Fixed lift button not responding at the start of the map if you haven't played part 2 first.
  • Part 3: Fixed monsters running under the giant lift players start descending on, they should avoid it now.
  • Part 3: Fixed spawn point by the final battle being activated too early.

3.2 Escape Series

  • All: Fixed missing/0-byte sound files.
  • All: Tidied up map configurations.
  • All: Fixed various messages having corrupt characters on the end.
  • 2A: Fixed floating headcrabs unable to attack players in a pipe after the acid drops.
  • 2B: Fixed visible null textures underneath the drop-down helix stairs.
  • 2B: Tilted an unbreakable looking pane of glass to make it more obvious you break through it.
  • 2B: Fixed one person being able to use the dual-player buttons after the big acid pool.
  • 2C: Fixed one person being able to use the dual-player eye scanners after the underwater tunnel.
  • 2D: Fixed players being able to block the first gate in the bridge brawl chapter.
  • 2E: Fixed players spawning facing the wrong direction in the final boss chamber.
  • 2E: Final boss is now a standard Gargantua.
  • 2E: Replaced/added weapons suitable for defeating a standard Gargantua in the final boss chamber.
  • 3A: Fixed null texture on a rock in the first shortcut.
  • 3A: Fixed various outro messages having corrupt characters on the end.
  • 3B: Fixed players being able to get stuck in the TNT plunger.
  • 3C: Added advanced spawn point in the ventilation shaft once a player reaches it.
  • 3C: Fixed null texture on the top of the fans.
  • 3C: Fixed terrible physics when reaching the tops of the ladders.
  • 3D, 3E: Fixed players not taking fall damage when falling down the cable trolley shaft.
  • 3D, 3E: Implemented spawn points that follow the cable trolley.
  • 3D, 3E: Made the lighting in the cable trolley a bit brighter.
  • 3E: Moved Barney to be the train driver as it leaves.
  • 3E: Players have 3 more seconds to get in the train before it leaves.

3.3 Half-Life campaign

  • All: Changed deprecated killnpc CVAR to mp_npckill.
  • C1A0D: Fixed the two additional HEV suits disappearing for no reason on dedicated servers.
  • C1A1D: Fixed a spawn point being camped by a zombie.
  • C1A2: Fixed zombie in store room not playing intended animation.
  • C1A2A, C1A2D, C1A2E: Added a shotgun to the weapon configuration.
  • C1A3, C1A3A, C1A3D: Fixed silent fire alarm sounds.
  • C1A3, C1A3A, C1A3D: Re-added closing fire doors but made them breakable.
  • C1A4Z: Fixed acid pit not hurting players.
  • C1A4Z: Fixed overlapping door brush with door frame.
  • C2A1: Fixed grunts fighting the Gargantua appearing as player allies.
  • C2A3A: Fixed ichthyosaur not playing a script.
  • C2A4E: Fixed scientists running into the operating machinary when hearing a distant explosion.
  • C2A4H: Added electricity sprites to stairs to indicate harmful area.
  • C2A5F: Fixed players being able to get stuck inside broken walls.
  • C2A5X: Added a second voltigore to make the area harder.
  • C3A1: Restored the ceiling collapse sequence, adjusted spawn points to accommodate this.
  • C3A1B: Fixed some spawn points facing the wrong direction.
  • C4A1B: Fixed missing pumping/mining blocks.
  • C4A1C: Fixed players being able to block the round elevator platforms.
  • C4A2: Fixed hovering Xen plant.

3.4 Half-Life: Opposing Force campaign

  • All: Changed deprecated killnpc CVAR to mp_npckill.
  • OF1A2: Advanced spawn point when a player passes the nose of the crashed Osprey.
  • OF1A2: Removed Gordon ghost.
  • OF1A3: Advanced spawn point when a player enters the lower door of the catwalk.
  • OF2A2: Fixed players being able to push the box which may block an opening.
  • OF2A3: Map deleted.
  • OF2A5: Advanced spawn point when a player enters the broken vent near the medic.
  • OF3A2: Fixed bad spawn positions.
  • OF3A2: Fixed monsters falling into the Xen void by using bounce pads.
  • OF3A2: Fixed players not spawning with low gravity.
  • OF4A2: Fixed players being able to block elevator doors.
  • OF4A3: Advanced spawn point when a player enters passes the biodome lift.
  • OF5A1: Advanced spawn point when a player climbs the ladder to the surface.
  • OF5A1: Advanced spawn point (3rd) when a player crawls into the room with allied grunts.
  • OF5A3: Fixed players being able to skip half of the map using crates.
  • OF6A2: Fixed players being able to fall outside the map on top of the rocks.
  • OF6A2: Fixed visible barrel brush intended to block access, back to invisible.
  • OF6A3: Added RPG and SAW to the weapon configuration.
  • OF6A3: Advanced spawn point when a player climbs into the roof vent.
  • OF6A4B: Removed RPG ammo.
  • OF6A4B: Updated end game message.

3.5 Half-Life: Uplink campaign

  • Part 2: Fixed players being able to skip to part 3 by boosting a player over a chain-link fence.

3.6 Hostile Planet

  • Fixed gigantic wood gibs produced from certain breakables.

3.7 Jumpers

  • Lightened glow effect on the jumper player to make the 1st person glow effect less annoying.

3.8 Osprey

  • Fixed gigantic wood gibs produced from certain breakables.

3.9 Quarter

  • Changed time limit from infinite to 1 hour.

3.10 Polar Rescue

  • Updated objective sprites.

3.11 Psyko

  • Added a platform to the slime area so players that haven't died can get out.
  • Added a back-up system for the volcano area: The symbol will become available after 5 minutes if no monsters are killed, so if the doors happen to get stuck players don't have to change map.
  • Added SAW, spore launcher, and spore plants to the boss fight.
  • Blue symbol now appears only after most of the monsters have been killed.
  • Icky in blue room should now be mad.
  • Made most of the symbols are now func_illusionary so there won't be bullet holes in them.
  • Pushable pigs now disappear after they have been used, though they can still be pushed to other rooms before they are used.
  • Reduced slime and final boss HP.
  • Reduced the breakables HP in the final fight and added HUD info for them.

3.12 Sandstone

  • Changed setting mp_npckill to prevent players killing allied NPC's needed to complete the map.

3.13 Sector E

  • Part 1: Fixed being able to skip fighting the glass monster (should you summon it) by using the end map lift -- if it spawns, you must defeat it.
  • Part 1: Fixed dead grunt with his hand inside a wall.
  • Part 1: Fixed the king pin, glass monster, and other monsters being teleported away by a teleporter only meant for a scientist.
  • Part 2: Tweaked the long pushable machine so it gets stuck less.
  • Part 3: Fixed bad clipping on the floor of the blue horde battle area, mainly near Xen goo.
  • Part 3: Added extra task before the final vent to give players a chance to collect the final flower, before someone else rushes through preventing collection.
  • Part 3: Made the 15 flower bonus more worthwhile, providing a gold 357, Gluon gun, SAW, and 6 beefy ammo packs.
  • Part 3: Added bonus weapons to the Gordon boss room too.
  • Part 3: Added spore plants to the Gordon boss room.
  • Part 3: Added scripted sequence to raise the Gordon boss boss to an air node, which should make it a bit more active.
  • Part 3: Added 8 destinations for the Gordon boss to go to every 10-20 seconds after reaching the previous spot to make him move around more.
  • Part 3: Gordon boss is no longer laughably easy to defeat.

3.14 Sven Co-op

  • Part 1: Fixed gigantic wood gibs produced from certain breakables.
  • Part 1: Fixed underground walls instantly springing back when reaching the wheel turn limit.

3.15 Tetris

  • Removed references to king pin models and replacements in the resource files.

3.16 They Hunger

  • All of episode 1: Changed sv_maxspeed to 220 to match episode 2.
  • They12: Fixed unexplained outward push from the dam's underwater window.
  • They15: Fixed second zombie getting stuck on the first zombie when completing the outro sequence, preventing the map from ending.

3.17 Toad Snatch

  • Added failsafe map ending system: Map will end if there are no non-ghost players outside the spawn area for longer than 2 minutes, with a warning after 1 minute.
  • Mentioned in MOTD that the buttons in the checkpoint supply rooms spawn friendly sentry turrets.
  • Tweaked map ending system so players who are in a state of "dead, lying on the ground" no longer count as living players.

3.18 Toon Run

  • Part 2: Fixed blowtato platforms instantly springing back when reaching the wheel turn limit.

3.19 Yabma

  • Fixed players being able to get stuck in the pipes near the Barnacle.
  • Fixed key card in the cleansuit laboratory appearing as a HLDM ammo box.

4 Model changes

4.1 Player

  • Models Beret, Grunt, Shepard, and Tower now use the friendly green skins to lower confusion with the enemy white urban skin.
  • Removed official models having outdated animations.

4.2 Non-playable characters

  • Zombie: Added external sequence for Blue Shift's high definition models.

5 Sound changes

  • Added Mistral, Night Watch, Night Watch Xeno, Submerged, and They Hunger textures to the global materials definition file for better footsteps.

6 Other changes

  • FGD: Fixed entity alphabetic ordering.
  • FGD: Fixed model key present twice in item_generic.
  • FGD: Fixed spawn flag in func_pushable 256 "1-hit break" not present.
  • FGD: Fixed types for models/sounds in custom_precache
  • FGD: Fixed typo in ambient_generic 16: "15 - 4,096 units".
  • FGD: Simplified ammo/item/weapon entities and their base classes.
  • FGD: New base class Ammo for ammo entities allows for custom models.
  • FGD: Removed size key from func_pushable, added custom hull size keys.
  • Graphics: Improved zoomed sniper rifle crosshair so it can be seen in dark places.
  • Manual: Fixed incorrect pipe wrench setting.
  • Manual: Removed map CVAR's weaponmode_wrench and weaponmode_m16 as they were never implemented.